Monday, December 2, 2013

What would Woody Guthrie's Guitar do to Obamacare supporters?

This is the same guy who sang "This Land is Your Land", that had the same contempt for private property shared by both Fascists and Communists.  At least the first version of the song had that contempt blazing through two verses.

So, the question is, just which Fascists is he talking about?  The romantic foe of communists version, i.e., the Joe Stalin definition of Fascist which included everybody from Trotsky to FDR, or the technical definition that means the government tells everybody what to do with their private property for the good of all society?

Since Woody seems like the romantic type, I suppose that he only means anybody who opposed Stalin, in which case he might actually embrace Obamacare and the accompanying dictates over private property that accompany it.

Ⓐ Steve Ⓐ

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