Thursday, December 5, 2013

Repeal Day My Rear End

Junior Johnson
One of my favorite libertarian sites is celebrating Repeal Day.  What they should be celebrating is re regulation day, which is no cause for celebration at all in my book.

If alcohol prohibition was repealed, nobody told the revenuers that.  Actually, they told the public one thing and the law told the revenuers the real deal: Alcohol was not legalized, it was re regulated.

Here is a bit of proof.  One of the first superstars of NASCAR was Junior Johnson.  He got the first high-dollar driving contract in 1955.  Shortly thereafter, the revenuers arrested him for moonshining and he served one year in prison.  Lots of other people suffered the same fate as Johnson, or worse.

All long after alcohol production, sale, and transport was supposedly made legal.

The only thing it did was set up a more statist system, that we can see today in marijuana reform.  As I recently wrote at The Freeman, it is nothing more that a bureaucracy expansion scheme.

Ⓐ Steve Ⓐ

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