Sunday, June 1, 2014

Knoxville MPC Brings Walmart and Publix to Sorority Village Food Desert!

Thanks to the good concerned citizens at KnoxFood.Org, the people of Knoxville have been alerted to the food desert problem in Knoxville.  Not only is KnoxFood.Org incredibly modest about their past successes, like eliminating the food deserts near Lonsdale and other locations, but they are modest about their current success of bringing Walmart and Publix stores to the University Commons Sorority Village food desert.

Here, see for yourself:
KnoxFood.Org map of Knox County's 20 Food Deserts
See the informative video:

 This is what the developer says it will look like later this year (use this link if embedded version below is not visible). Do they deserve a medal for bringing food to a food desert where nobody used to live before the sorority houses were built?  Actually, this tract encompases the long standing fraternity houses too, as well as university dorms, and apartments rented mostly by students.
You might not know who KnoxFood.Org (Knoxville Food Policy Council) is, since their web site has the flavor of an independent community action group.  In reality, they are the local Metropolitan Planning Commission with members appointed by both the county mayor and the city mayor.  They are so modest, they do not even appear on the MPC About page!  All of the WhoIs contacts for their website have KnoxMPC.Org email addresses.

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