Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Dig Ace!

I suppose anybody glancing over my fledgling YouTube channel can see than I am a bit the Barney Miller fan.

Additionally, I am a long-time Adam Carolla fan and highly recommend his podcast empire to all.  My favorite current shows of his are with Dr. Drew, and I listen to the Adam & Dr. Drew show first before listening to (in this order) The Adam Carolla Show, Alison Rosen, and my most recent like Ace On the House.  I might be listening to more, but right now I am unemployed and looking for work, so my job all waking hours is looking for work or writing freelance articles.

Not sure when he started doing it, Adam started saying "dig" like an old time comedian, or a new time #Occutard, or something, and it threw me back to a 1975 episode of Barney Miller (Season 2 Episode 11 "Rain").  I forgot until I saw the episode again that the comedian in the episode is "Jackie Ace."

Enjoy (or enjoy it on YouTube)!
Ⓐ Steve Ⓐ

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