Sunday, January 5, 2014

Gary King is like an episode of All in the Family

Over at Reason, Baylen Linnekin brings up the question They Want to Eat Horses, Don't They?
Last month, the state of New Mexico sued to make sure that wouldn't happen in the state. The state's reasoning is simple. 
"We don't eat horses in New Mexico," said New Mexico attorney general Gary King, "and we think this is an inappropriate use of this plant."
It strikes me as another good old social topic rerun from the good old 1970s.  Remember that sucky decade?  To make ends meet, some folks in big cities were contemplating horse as the new red meat.  As this episode of All in the Family highlights with humor in fiction, some places already had laws in place to try to keep people from eating Mr. Ed, or even appreciating fine dining.  Note that the WikiPedia page about horse meat differs in legalities noted in the series.  The statist practice of telling people what to eat continues.
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