Monday, January 13, 2014

Christie under more Federal Investigation

Looks like the darling of the country club establishment Republican set got into some more hot water with his BFF.  New Jersey governor Chris Christie is being investigated by Obama's U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development for misuse of federal government hurricane welfare in the form of making ads like these:
Read the whole thing here: Chris Christie facing federal investigation over use of Sandy funds
The firm chosen by the state to put together tourism advertisements that featured Christie and his family, MWW, submitted a bid of $4.7 million. Another bid that was not selected would have cost $2.5 million, but the governor wouldn't have appeared in the ads. 
“I commend the HUD Office of the Inspector General for investigating whether the state properly utilized taxpayer funds for this marketing campaign,” Pallone said in a press release. “Working with my New Jersey colleagues, we had to fight hard to get the Sandy aid package passed by assuring others in Congress the funding was desperately needed and would be spent responsibly. I also raised concerns that Governor Christie and his family appeared in taxpayer-funded advertisements during an election year.”

Apparently there is something wrong with this behavior in 21st century New Jersey.

Update: But wait, there's more!  Apparently HUD approved the ads to begin with, but HUD decided to go forward with an investigation (of something they approved) after the Bridgegazi affair.

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