Friday, August 30, 2013

"Made in the USSR"

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Soviet Chemical Warfare ShellWith all this Assad chatter and Obama sabre rattling, I missed something in the mix.  If the Assad regime shelled a village with chemical weapons, where are the “Made in USSR” (or however they say that in Russian) captions under pictures of the bomb fragments?

In Egypt it seemed to be a daily call to arms.  ”Look! Tear gas grenades “Made in USA!!!!”" yada, yada, yada.  Of course, the rifles shooting people dead were made in the USSR, but that never got much play.

So in Syria, where every single item in their military inventory was sold to them by the Soviets, except for a few odds, ends and curiosities from North Korea and China (the one on the UN Security Council, not the one in Taiwan that has real elections).
Mark Steyn makes an interesting observation too:
Like his patrons in Tehran and Moscow, Assad’s reaction to American threats is to double up with laughter and say, “Bring it, twerkypants.” Headline from Friday’s Guardian in London: “Syria: ‘Napalm’ Bomb Dropped on School Playground, BBC Claims” — which, if true, suggests that even a blood-soaked mass murderer is not without a sense of humor. Napalm, eh? There’s a word I haven’t heard since, oh, 40 years ago or thereabouts, somewhere in the general vicinity of southeast Asia.

Being fresh off of a Weatherman binge, stuff like that jumps out at me.  They whined a lot about the Napalm, but only when it was made in the USA.

Well, don’t hold your breath on seeing any complaints of nerve gas “Made in the USSR”, unless National Review sends Steyn over with a film crew.

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