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Ronald (Ron) Kaufman Bank Warning Note from 1972

Disclaimer (October 28, 2013): This article was written not long after I finally tracked down news articles about this bombing plot and perpetrator. I have been looking for details about this for decades, and the miracle of Google finally came through.

However, the articles from 1972 were riddled with errors and inaccuracies, that I was not able to refute until recently (October, 2013). Now armed with more information, including court documents, I can say that any relation between Ron Kaufman and the Weathermen was coincidental. I have no doubt that their members and he crossed paths in the New Left of the day, but it does not look like he was an actual “member” at any time.

My book length project blog for this is the Time Bomber Book blog, which I update when I can as I work on the manuscript.
PVT James Edward Jensen aka Ronald Kaufman
UPDATE:  This post and those related to this case are "spoilers" now.  I am writing a book about this while keeping the bomber a bit of a mystery in the early chapters, staying in theme with how the plot unfolded in real life in 1972.

Below is page one from the 1972 Kaufman safety-deposti box bomb warning note to news writers and anchors, from Walter Cronkite to The Seed.  The one below was sent to the Chicago Daily News.

Prototype Bombs In Symbolic Banks

During July 1971 nine unusual prototype bombs were planted in different banks across the country.  These bombs were placed in safety deposit boxes in the vaults of the banks listed below.  Enclosed is one key to one of these boxes.

* [Key No. 305637 to Box No. 47440 in First National Bank of Chicago, attached with clear tape]

New York City
First National City Bank - 107 William St.
Box No. 6160  Key No. ____
Manufacturers Hanover Trust Co. - 40 Wall St.
Box No. 215  Key No. 59
Marine Midland Grace Trust Co. of N.Y. - 140 Broadway
Box No. 1716  Key No. 372

Continental Illinois National Bank - 231 S. La Salle St.
Box No. E-396 Key No. E-396
The First National Bank of Chicago - 1 First National Plaza
Box No. 47440  Key No. 305637
The Northern Trust Company - 50 S. La Salle St.
Box No. 7936  Key No. 2002

San Francisco
Bank of America - Market - New Montgomery
Box No. 1508  Key No. R537
Crocker-Citizens National Bank - 1 Montgomery St.
Box No. 2511  Key No. ____
Wells Fargo Bank - Market - Montgomery
Box No. 3114  Key No. 3114
This is proving an interesting research project.  With every day comes more information that seemed lost just the day before.

More to come.

Ⓐ Steve Ⓐ

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