Monday, May 6, 2013

New at Freedom Bunker: The Kerry Krystal

If my investigative journey deep into Sevier County, Tennessee is any indication, the end is near indeed.

I almost bit. The wife and I were visiting some of my relatives in Gatlinberg yesterday and on the way back to are secret subterranean lair, we made a stop at Krystal’s. (In the interest of the nice, courteous and cute staff, I will not disclose which Sevier County Krystal where we made the stop.) Wife suggested I try the Philly cheese Krystal, and I thought about it for a moment, then asked, “Is it cheese whiz, or provolone?” Of course, American could be an outside possibility, but the cashier responded “Swiss.”

Read the awful rest here.

Ⓐ Steve Ⓐ

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