Friday, April 5, 2013

Why isn't New Jersey State Employee Mike Rice in Jail awaiting Trial?

Why isn't ex-coach Mike Rice in jail right now?  If you are not familiar, here is a little bit of video evidence of adults being assaulted by a New Jersey State employee:
Without even getting into the politically correct world of jailing people for life for hurting other people's feelings, there is ample evidence that Mike Rice physically assaulted people in a criminal manner.

New Jersey is not shy about using cameras to convict people for minor offenses.  So what gives with this?  The assaults happened on State property, they were recorded by a concerned citizen, the assailant was a State employee, and it was covered up by other State employees.

In 2012 Rice was "fined" $500,000 for actions a regular citizen might be doing jail time for.  It was not a fine like you and I get from a judge, with a notation on our "permanent record," no it was the pay withheld variety.

Governor Christie (R) called for Rice's firing, and he was fired. Doesn't the governor's phone reach the State police?

Is this yet another instance of different rules for the rulers and the real rules are for the ruled?

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